2018 VMUG Session Abstracts

Introduction to Azure and Horizon Cloud

Abstract: In this session, we’ll join Microsoft for a quick introduction to Azure, followed by a deep dive into the VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure service. As the third official way to deploy Horizon 7, Microsoft Azure allows customers to deliver cloud-hosted desktops and applications using their existing Azure infrastructure. We’ll go over the basics of the Azure portal, deploying Azure infrastructure, and look at the benefits of using the cloud to deploy Horizon desktops. Included in this session will be information on how to get a free trial of both Horizon Cloud and Microsoft Azure, as well as advanced learning resources.

Three Ways to Extend Active Directory into Azure for VMware Environments

Abstract: Join us to look at how to protect and extend one of the key components of any VMware environment: Active Directory authentication. Whether it’s apply role-based access to vCenter, limiting access to individual hosts or giving permissions to 1st and 3rd party apps and plugins, authentication remains a mission critical part of any deployment. Learn how to extend an on-premises AD environment into the world’s largest cloud-based authentication service to provide additional resiliency and capabilities. We’ll look at multi-factor authentication, the use of the AD access panel to consolidate control, and how to make everyday issues like password changes more efficient.

Connecting your Microsoft Azure Network with your On-Premises VMware NSX-T Deployment

Abstract: In this session we’ll introduce how NSX Data Center capabilities can now extend to public cloud workloads in Microsoft Azure. We’ll introduce the solution and demonstrate how to address your application management and security needs, as well as examine the business justification for deploying VMware NSX technology to workloads on Microsoft Azure. We’ll demo the solution, provide an overview of functionality, discuss use cases, and compare this solution to other VMware cloud offerings.

Community Presentations:

Welcome to Your Career, Choose Your Own Adventure: Trying to decide what the next step in your career is? Join us for a fun and enlightening look at the similarities and differences between working for a customer, a partner, and a vendor, and evaluate the risk and benefits of each path.

Balance vs. Burnout, Life Skills in an Industry That Will Eat You Alive If You Let It: Take an honest look at how your job is impacting your life. Understand what burnout is, how it can affect you and those around you, and learn some meaningful steps you can take to help avoid it in your own life, and help people around you who are suffering.

How To Make Friends, Win Influence, And Get Paid, Negotiating for Power and Riches While Maintaining Some Semblance of Sanity: Money is one of the things that matters most, and that is talked about least. Come learn about how compensation plans vary between sales and non-sales positions, and dig into the wonderful world of stock and stock options as they become an increasingly important part of financial discussions.

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Community I Learned From Lilo and Stitch: Community is a critical part of our jobs. It can help us avoid burnout, it can help us learn more, and faster, and it can help us find out where our career needs to go next. Learn more about the fun, and sometimes complicated, relationship between people, vendors and community, and how you can choose to participate.

Meteors and Dinosaurs, Career Transformation-as-a-Service: Careers, like people, need to evolve and change. Understanding how to leverage communities near and far to transform your career is something we’ll discuss in this presentation, including a look at how that change is perceived differently by your current employer.